Hi Everybody. I launched a podcast called “Syracuse Startup” which interviews entrepreneurs in Syracuse to share insights, challenges, victories, etc. in our chosen fields. My first guest is a friend of mine, Eric Maley, of Upstate Agents, talking about how he got into real estate. Look out for new episodes approximately once a month. Please consider subscribing and leaving positive reviews.

If you are an entrepreneur in Syracuse and would like to be on the show, give me a shout. Techies are somewhat preferred, but its not a requirement.

Here is a link:

Ep. 8 – Kasey Almanzi, CPA – Bowers & Co. Syracuse Startup

In this episode, I have the good fortunate to speak to Kasey Almanzi of Bowers & Company. Kasey is a certified public accountant and a tax supervisor at Bowers & Company, which is a Central New York located accounting firm of approximately 90 accounting professionals.Kasey and I had a great conversation talking about some of the basic taxes issues to think about when starting a business or operating a small startup. I learned a lot myself, and anyone who is just getting started in building a business really needs to listen up here.Note that there some minor audio quality issues with this recording, as we did the podcast via zoom, and for reasons I never could figure out, I had to use my phone, rather than a computer mic to get it to work. Such is life I suppose.Anyway, thanks to Kasey for coming on the podcast. I really enjoyed it, and I appreciate the time and effort involved in providing this great tax information.
  1. Ep. 8 – Kasey Almanzi, CPA – Bowers & Co.
  2. Ep. 7 – Brandon Williams – CPLANE.ai
  3. Ep. 6 – Chris Dugan – Knowles Precision Electronics
  4. Ep. 5 – Jason Dean – Eget Liber
  5. Ep. 4 – Dr. Jamie Winders of the Autonomous Systems Policy Institute (ASPI)

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