Hi Everybody. I launched a podcast called “Syracuse Startup” which interviews entrepreneurs in Syracuse to share insights, challenges, victories, etc. in our chosen fields. My first guest is a friend of mine, Eric Maley, of Upstate Agents, talking about how he got into real estate. Look out for new episodes approximately once a month. Please consider subscribing and leaving positive reviews.

If you are an entrepreneur in Syracuse and would like to be on the show, give me a shout. Techies are somewhat preferred, but its not a requirement.

Here is a link:

Ep. 6 – Chris Dugan – Knowles Precision Electronics Syracuse Startup

In this episode, I interviewed my friend Chris Dugan, President of Knowles Precision Devices,  located in Cazenovia, New York.  Knowles manufacturers precision capacitors, which are in use around the world, particularly in the medical device field. Chris is a fascinating guy. Over the last couple years, he's become a friend and a mentor in my own journey to get the Long Law Firm established.Chris is a former Navy Seal, Wharton business school graduate, McKinsey alum, and all around bad ass. He is also one of the friendliest people you're ever going to meet. We talked about some of the winners and losers in the market due to COVID, and some of the principles that has led to his success in multiple industries over the last several decades. Expect to hear from him again, as I think we really just scratched the surface of Chris's knowledge and experience.As I listened back to this episode, it struck me that Chris offered a wonderful theme for thinking about business in 2020. In his analogy, as you'll hear, he talks about the creative aspect, the outside of the box thinking that is required to be on a successful special operations team. Being nimble was central to their success, and here we are in a time and place where being nimble, as opposed to developing the large industrial cogs, is what makes businesses successful now.  So, I hope you enjoy this episode and when you're thinking about moving forward in this economy, try to be more like a Navy SEAL.
  1. Ep. 6 – Chris Dugan – Knowles Precision Electronics
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  3. Ep. 4 – Dr. Jamie Winders of the Autonomous Systems Policy Institute (ASPI)
  4. Ep. 3 – Susie Ippolito of Susie Ippolito Brands
  5. Ep. 2 – David Fox of SMARTA

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