Data Mapping: It’s A Spreadsheet.

There are few things that niche industries love more than developing their own lingo. Those of us old enough to remember the tech boom of the late-90s/early 2000s probably also remember hearing that everything was a “paradigm-shift.” Eventually, this phrase morphed into everything being a “gamechanger.” Today, business people love to talk about whether X […]

The Big Day

This past Saturday, March 21st, was the day the New York SHIELD Act required all businesses with New Yorkers’ personal information to comply with new “reasonable safeguard” requirements, proportionate to the size and scope of the business. My firm has been focused on this day for a while now. But the world feels, somehow, vastly […]

All your hospital are belong to us.

This morning, I ran across a 2014 article on, which goes on to explain that hospital medical devices and other related gadgets (what we would today call IoT or the “Internet of Things”), are shockingly easy to access via the wireless network, and vulnerable to abuse by would be hackers. For some reason, the […]