The Sound of Silence

Hey Everybody, just wanted to let you know that I’m making some long-term changes to the blog. We are going to be porting it over to my firm’s new website when it’s ready (which, I hope to be sometime this year), and we will be integrating the blog with the firm more.

When I first started this blog, it was separate from my employer’s website, which gave me more control over how to run it, and allowed for a more casual tone, which I think makes the thing more readable. Now that I started my own law firm though, I can post whatever I want and I’d like to offer a better connection between my blog posts, my permanent legal content, and my website copy.

That said, don’t worry. The goal here is to increase the value of the content I’m creating, not to monetize the content. I firmly believe that the best model for my business is to provide value and share my knowledge with others. Telling you about the CCPA is not likely to inspire you to handle it yourself, so, I think we’re good.

I hope everybody is hanging in there still. Looking forward to hugs and handshakes coming back into vogue.

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